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It's that time of year again. I'm booking up fast for this summer, so reserve your date as soon as possible.



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100% Digital

DJ Josh Nicol aka DJ Nicol, DJ Josh, DJ J Nic, DJ J Nicol (pronouced nickel) is fully digital. We are now running Virtual DJ with the Hercules RMx console. Our vast library of music grows with each event and we are now close to over 250,000 songs.




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Wedding Ceremonies

Enhance the biggest day of your life with an audio package for your ceremony. We deliver, setup, and operate a top quality audio system at the site of your wedding. A wireless lapel mic will allow all of your guests the opportunity to hear your officiant clearly deliver the ceremony. Wireless hand held mics will be supplied for performers who sing and read poems and/or passages. Microphones are also available for those using acoustic or wind instruments. We supply background music for use directly before and after the ceremony at no extra charge and will be happy to play any other arrangements requested. We strongly suggest an audio system for all outdoor weddings, especially if there will be over 75 guests attending. Sound tends to dissipate quickly in open areas making it hard to hear the ceremony without proper amplification. Please inform us if videographers plan to tap into our mixer in advance. Wireless technology is not available or reliable at certain venues.

Wedding Receptions

Choosing a DJ for your reception can be a stressful, but an important decision. The entertainment you provide and the time your guests spend dancing are quite often the moments they will remember for years to come. DJ Josh Nicol's state of the art sound system, vast music library, and impeccable timing will keep everyone on the dance floor. Whether you would like to choose some, half, all or none of the songs on your set list, we are happy to customize your reception to suit your needs. We also check out each venue before we perform to determine what equipment will sound optimal in that environment. Wireless mics are at your disposal for speeches and announcements. Sound is important but so is the musical knowledge and skill of your DJ. DJ Josh Nicol understands how to read the crowd and adjust the music to maintain a positive and energetic atmosphere.

Corporate Events / Private Parties

No matter how large or small, DJ Josh Nicol has the knowhow to make your private event a success. Impress your entire company with a professional audio setup during your banquet and then a live DJ at the after party. From formal holiday galas to casual company picnics, we've got it covered. If there is an individual you are planning a birthday, anniversary, welcome home or any other type of party for, we can accommodate. Our versatility is a huge advantage for these types of events.

Club Entertainment

If you want your dance floor packed and patrons referring their friends, DJ Nicol is available for any size or type of club. Whether you are a well established club, or an up and coming venue, DJ J Nic is up for the task. He doesn't stop at mixing, sampling, scratching, beat matching and remixing. DJ J Nic often generates crowd requests and produces popular mash ups of songs on demand as well the latest tracks in all genres. Coming soon: Videos of DJ J Nic performing live !!

Reunions / Dances

Class reunions are something people look forward to for years. Make sure the entertainment you provide lives up to their expectations. Let us DJ your reunion with a mix of favorites from your high school years as well as popular current tracks. Let us know the theme songs from your prom and homecoming dances and we'll be sure to play them. If you are looking for entertainment for a fundraiser dance, we may be able to discount our price for a worthy cause. Our vast music library can cater to all ages at these types of functions.